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We want to work with you to make the whole process simple and affordable.

It is our goal to offer you carpet recycling at a cost less than the disposal fees charged to take it to a landfill. CRR will help you do the right thing environmentally while saving you time and money. In addition, we provide you with a certificate that proves that your carpet was completely recycled!

CRR is responsive and convenient.

CRR is set up to respond to your needs quickly.

We have containers that can be placed at your job site if need be. We anticipate that these collection efforts will eventually divert well over 1 billion pounds of carpet that is currently going to landfills in the U.S. alone.

Advanced Technology

CRR has spent 19+ years perfecting the technology to optimally recycle carpet.

Key to CRR’s recycling is highly developed technology and compound pelletizing, which sorts the carpet into various components, the most valuable being Nylon 6 and Nylon 66. CRR is capable of converting discarded carpeting and transforming it into valuable new products.

From Pellets to Pallets

CRR produces the highest grade Nylon 6 and 66 pellets through its carefully developed technology.

These pellets are used to manufacture the environmentally innovative SMART Pallet. This unique product lasts forever and replaces the need to cut down trees for wooden pallets.

Nylon Polymer Plastic SMART Pallets

Because of its highest grade nylon polymer, CRR’s Smart Pallet significantly outperforms the traditional wooden pallet.

While wooden pallets last less than a year, are subject to disease infestations and require harsh chemical treatments, the Smart Pallet lasts forever, can be sterilized and is chemical free.

Cradle to cradle design

CRR aims to create a cradle to cradle production cycle.

Pallets can be recycled into more pallets. Recycling with CRR is just the beginning of the carpet’s lifecycle. Best of all, CRR will eventually be processed at its own solar farm, which will provide the energy to keep the carpeting dry. We hope you share our enthusiasm and will allow us to give your old carpeting new life.




CRR has established ambitious goals of capturing 25% of the post consumer carpeting market by making recycling easy and cost effective, making consumers aware of the need to recycle and celebrating those consumers who join us in recycling.

The post consumer carpet is 100% recycled, not allowing any carpet to go to landfill. The carpet is processed into high grade nylon that will be the primary ingredient in manufacuring the finest nylon polymer plastic pallet on the market. This pallet can itself be recycled and made into more pallets.


CRR will continue to apply advanced technologies to engineer the highest quality resins from recycled post consumer carpet that can be used to manufacture the highest quality products that help protect our environment, saving trees, conserving energy, diverting from landfill.


Work with others who share the same environmental goals

Operate with the highest degree of integrity

Never be satisfied

Find innovative ways to apply new technologies to existing industries


David T. Ankele


Mr. Ankele is co-founder and architect of CRR. He has 20 years of management, marketing, and sales experience in business, manufacturing, and real estate. He was founder and president of Ankele Industries Financial Services and Ankele Industries, Ltd. Inc., co-founder and VP of Diversified Property Management Associates. As VP and a member of the board of directors for Western Cafes Corporation, he increased production and sales by 750%, setting record sales for…


Edward A. Duffy, PhD


He will advise on material, process and product development. For 27 years Ed has been able to convert concepts/needs into effective, functional businesses; conceive, implement, and conclude research programs; and effectively communicate results/programs to management and customers. He has organized and managed teams to achieve objectives and extensively utilized 6-sigma methodology to analyze issues and facilitate commercialization. At Honeywell (formerly AlliedSignal)…


Lori Mills Foster


Lori Foster has 12 years in top management at worldwide advertising agencies, leading multiple international packaged goods accounts as Vice President/ Account Director with J. Walter Thompson. Her accounts included Kellogg’s, Kraft, Nestle, Pillsbury, among others. Additionally, Lori has owned and operated her own corporate gift company for 20 years, servicing national clients such as Apple, Levi Strauss & Co., Restoration Hardware, Macy’s, etc. She designed and…






CRR currently collects post consumer carpet, keeps 100% of it from going to landfill and then processes it to create valuable products that can also be recycled. Additionally, CRR is currently establishing a solar farm to generate its own energy to process the carpet. This is an example of Cradle–to-Cradle product lifecycle, and is the central overriding theme to CRR and sister companies, ADR and RER.


A circular economy (CE) is an approach that would fundamentally transform the function of resources in the economy. Waste products would become valuable input to another process – and products could be repaired, reused or upgraded instead of thrown away.


Post-consumer carpeting is made up of one of two types of nylon, Nylon 6 and Nylon 6,6 as well as Polyester and Polypropylene. The carpet backing consists of Limestone, Polypropylene and small amounts of Latex. Using a combination of processes, depending on the type of carpet, CRR has perfected the technology to compound this material into engineered grade resin for resale.


CRR began collecting post consumer carpeting late 2011 after years of conducting research on nylon polymers, assisted by the industry leaders in carpet recycling . CRR has developed the ability to transform post consumer carpeting into the purist form of nylon, which is then used by CRR’s sister company ADR to make a nylon plastic pallet and other products.

Fees are charged to all carpet installers as well as homeowners who participate in our carpet collection program. As incentive for participating, this program offers reduced costs to these participants versus current disposal fees they are being charged by waste management companies. Additionally, CRR provides conveniently located collection bins for the capret to make drop off easy. It is anticipated that these collection efforst will eventually divert well over 1 billion pounds of carpet that is currently going to landfills in the U.S. alone.


CRR hopes to divert 7 million pounds of post consumer carpeting from landfill in its first year of operation.

According to the government agency, Carpet Recovery (CARE), there are more than 6 billion lbs of post consumer carpet currently being replaced in the U.S. and Canada with less than 350 million being diverted from going to landfills in 2010. There’s a lot of work to do. Since 2002, CARE, has been tracking and promoting the progress of diversion of post consumer carpeting from landfill. While some progress has been made, CARE reports that only…

For more information on CARE and the new California Carpet Recycling Law, AB 2398 visit their website.


  • CRR recycles 100% of the carpet it collects. Nothing goes to landfill.
  • CRR recycles all indoor carpeting, both commercial and residential, including PVC backed carpet.
  • CRR provides containers or trailers to make the carpet collection easy.
  • CRR guarantees to each customer that their used carpet gets recycled into environmentally sound, useful products by CRR’s sister company, ADR.
  • CRR provides each customer with a Proof of Performance Certificate that is sponsored by CARE proving that the carpet was recycled properly.



Below are some examples of the certificate CRR provides:


They nylon resins are then sold to CRR’s sister company, ADR which uses the resin to manufacture a number of products



One of the products is a state of the art plastic pallet, called the Smart Pallet. It is much stronger and lasts much longer than its wooden competition, does not break or splinter and importantly, can be sterilized to avoid ecoli and other troubling outbreaks. The Smart Pallet can itself be recycled, thus providing an endless, useful lifecycle for post consumer carpeting. It is the only pallet on the market to offer a 7 year guarantee.


CRR nylon resins are also used to manufacture other enviro-tech products: plastic collapsible shipping containers, composite laminate approved by Siemens for use in the autoparts industry, and PV renewable solar panel frames that represent a major breakthrough in helping to harness solar power. For more info on the Smart Pallet and other CRR products, visit the ADR website.


We are proud to be working with other companies who share our values.


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